Dog Breath

The following is the start of a possible picture book.  Feel free to give feedback.


One fine spring day, a little dog named Dragon was sitting on the bed with his human.  Tara was reading her book aloud to Dragon, who would wag his little tail every now and then.  “And the fire-breathing dragon yelled ‘I will get you, my little pretty'”, read Tara. ‘Hey, wait a minute”, thought Dragon.  “My name is Dragon, so maybe l am a dragon!  Maybe I can breath fire too!”

“Pzzzzztt . . Pzzzzttt . . .Cough . . . Cough . . . AAACCCKKKK” . . . Dragon kept trying, but he couldn’t seem to make fire come out of his mouth. Tara just stared at him. “What’s wrong, buddy?” Tara cooed.   Dragon was frustrated and embarrassed, so he barked and ran out of the room.

Later that day, as Dragon was wandering the neighborhood, he saw a Great Dane sitting in his yard. “Hey, did you know I’m a REAL Dragon?!”, he bragged. The Great Dane laughed so hard he fell over. “Humpf!”, growled Dragon. He thought, “what’s the matter with everyone? Can’t they SEE I’m a fierce dragon?!” He pranced down the street, eagerly looking for another animal to impress.

Finally, he noticed a cat sitting by the road. He said, “Hey, did you know I’m a REAL Dragon and can breath fire! You’d better watch out, or I will burn you up!” “HA! HA! HA!” meowed Hazel, falling over as she laughed. Dragon was so embarrassed that he slunk away without the cat even knowing he was gone.

Dragon walked home with his head hung low.   Just as he was coming in the doggie door, he heard a “Hey! Hey you!” in a very small voice. “WHAT?” Dragon muttered. As he looked around for the source of the voice, he noticed a small mouse looking up at him. He thought maybe he should bark or chase him away, but he just didn’t have the strength after his long and disappointing day.

The mouse continued, once he saw that Dragon was listening, “Hey, I heard you talking to that stupid Great Dane and that dumb cat about being a Dragon. Are you REALLY a dragon?”

“Well, my NAME is Dragon, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to breathe fire yet. I’m working on it though.” said Dragon to the little mouse. “Glad to meet you, Dragon. My name is Merle. I’m having a problem with this really mean rat named Roscoe. He keeps stealing all my food. I need someone to scare that little twerp out of his fur. Do you think you are up to it?” said the mouse eagerly. “OH BOY am I!” barked Dragon.

“Okay, so here’s what we will do. . . .” The mouse whispered his plan into Dragon’s ear. Dragon kept panting so the mouse had to keep repeating things, but finally they nodded in agreement. The plan was set!

The next day, Dragon waited behind the house while Merle waited for Roscoe to come to steal his food. Sure enough, they didn’t have to wait long before that rascally rat came lumbering around the corner. “Hey, you got some more food for me?” said the big buffoon. “Oh, I GOT something for you, all right!” said Merle the mouse.

Dragon crept up behind Roscoe. The big rat jumped and turned around. “AAAHHHHHH!!!!” screamed Roscoe. Dragon growled with his best DRAGON growl, and spit and tried his best to burn him up with his fiery breath, but all that came out was his usual “Grr!” That was enough for Roscoe. He was so terrified that all of his fur fell off. He ran screaming all the way home.

Merle was beaming. “You sure showed him!” Dragon was feeling pretty proud of himself, too. Merle said, “Well, you might not be a REAL dragon, but you sure know how to scare enemies away!”

Dragon thought that sounded okay. Maybe he wasn’t a real dragon, but he was one tough dog!



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